About us

Hello there!

How lovely that you've popped by to visit our website!
Boys & Bunting is a rather fresh venture for the two of us. Starting in January 2016, we are joining forces so that we can jump with full force into the crafting world.

"Why the name Boys & Bunting?" I hear you ask. Well.... It's the two of us, Matt and Dennis. Two guys that have a passion for colour, creating and all things handmade. So the "Boys" part of the name is simply a representation of us, an unlikely duo when it comes to your average crafting blogs.
As for bunting...what's not to love about bunting?! A symbol of celebration, vintage design and whimsical makes. It sums us up perfectly!

We'll be posting regularly on our website, with new tutorials, interviews and frequent blogposts that are written in our chitty chatty style. With a little bit of time you're really going to get to know us VERY well. Until then, why not have a little read of our biographies below, so you can take that first step in building our crafty friendship.


Dennis Marquez

Knitting, sewing, crocheting….Dennis can do it all! He’s a pro at playing around with different crafting genres and learning the skills required to master new found techniques.

Dennis is half Dutch and (as his last name suggests) half Spanish. He was born and raised in the Netherlands (naturally he adores tulips and clogs), but frequents his father's home country of Spain every year.

Dennis speaks Dutch, Spanish, English and German fluently and has a bachelor in Musical theatre to his name. A singer by profession, Dennis has performed in Holland, Germany and around the world as a soloist singer for AIDA cruises.

Over the past months Dennis has also been working hard at learning the ins and outs of web design. I guess we can thank him for our brand spanking new "Boys & Bunting" website!



Matt Farci

Matt loves nothing more than to spend his free time painting, gluing, cutting and crocheting his days away. His passion for vibrant colours and fun projects, means he always has a project on the go and an idea or two swimming around in his head.

A dancer by trade, Matt trained at the Rambert School of ballet and contemporary dance in London. Since graduating, he has been lucky enough to live and perform in some amazing European cities. He's currently performing in "Disney's Musical Tarzan", in Germany.

Matt is also the writer and creator of the blog "Crochet & Crafts According to Matt" which he started in Summer 2011. Since then, Matt and his blog have appeared in numerous Hobby and crafting magazines including: